Where can i find a family lawyer?

From the historic Langford House of 1905, Fried and Fried, P, A. handles some of the most complex family and divorce issues in the Fort Myers area. Extensive experience in resolving family matters and representing clients in court has provided Fried and Fried, P, A. with a reputation for excellence throughout Southwest Florida.

DividingBusinesses& Professional Practices For more than 37 years, Frito and Frito, P., A. Our attorneys, Linda Holly Fried and Herbert Allen Fried, offer more than seven decades of combined experience handling routine family law matters and complex divorce litigation. In all cases, we provide our clients with safe legal advice and a solid plan for moving on with their lives. Our firm combines the best aspects of a practice that is based on experience and success and that constantly develops new strategies based on changes in statutes, jurisprudence and trends in legal practice.

We maintain a traditional divorce and family law practice that focuses on achieving favorable outcomes for our clients in the minimum amount of time necessary. We make sensitive issues related to property division, alimony, and child custody and support more manageable. We skillfully guide clients through the most recommended method of achieving results, whether through collaborative law, mediation, or an aggressive stance in court. As our practice has grown, we have recognized the unique needs of high net worth individuals when it comes to dissolving a marriage or domestic partnership.

Our high-asset divorce practice approaches traditional family law matters with special care and attention to help those whose significant financial assets create the potential for high-risk conflict.

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