How family law works?

As the term implies, family lawyers focus on issues that have an impact on families. They deal with matters such as divorce proceedings, adoptions and child custody. Common tasks include drafting custody agreements, wills, prenuptial agreements, and other documents. Visitation orders describe the minimum amount of time a non-custodial parent can spend with the child.

The court always encourages parents to work together to ensure that both parents have a quality relationship with the child. Unless the court expressly prohibits a parent from attending, non-custodial parents can attend school functions, access the child's medical and school records, and attend extracurricular activities, regardless of whether the event occurs during that parent's scheduled visit. If you are like most parents, you place the highest priority on the well-being of your children. Mavrides Law Attorneys Share Their Child Custody and Support Concerns.

Mavrides Law works to help its clients achieve custody and visitation solutions that allow them to enjoy rich and meaningful relationships with their children. We assign each of our lawyers to a particular set of courts to focus on and learn the judge's style. By observing and learning about the judges in these courts, we frame our arguments and emphasize the facts in the way that will most benefit your case. At our family law firm, we know the Massachusetts Family Courts Testament& and we know the judges.

These individuals can testify in cases to help strengthen your case. They have experience working in specific courts, as well as extensive experience in their professions, which means they can provide the expert testimony that can help us get the best possible outcome. If you are considering a divorce or are in the process of obtaining a divorce, take a moment to view our divorce flowchart. Miller has committed his firm's practice to relentlessly pursuing family law cases, including divorce, child custody and parenting plans, child support, alimony, modifications, and property division.

With this unique approach, we can hone our skills and sharpen our strategies more effectively than a general practitioner dealing with multiple areas of law. In the absence of domestic violence or other problems that could jeopardize a child's emotional or physical well-being, Massachusetts law favors the right of both parents to enjoy meaningful relationships with their child after the marriage ends. For compassionate counsel and assertive representation that protects your rights, see Mavrides Law. Laws don't automate the granting of visitation rights, but simply give grandparents the right to request a visitation order.

Massachusetts law recognizes the right of parents to enjoy continuing and vital relationships with their children after divorce. The law also improves interstate enforcement by strengthening federal services to locate parents across state lines and by requiring that all states have common paternity procedures in interstate cases. To speak with an attorney about a child custody or visitation dispute, contact Mavrides Law at 617-723-9900 or contact the firm via email. The information provided on this site does not constitute legal advice, does not constitute a lawyer referral service, and no attorney-client or confidential relationship will be formed or formed through the use of the site.

For an initial consultation on a child custody and support matter or visitation, contact Mavrides Law. Massachusetts law does not list the specific factors that must be considered in determining the best interests of the child, allowing judges great discretion in making decisions. If you are going through a divorce in Massachusetts, or if you are starting the process of a custody battle, talk to an experienced family law attorney near you. Mavrides Law has found that negotiated solutions to issues related to child custody and support, visitation, and parenting time can provide many benefits for parents and children.


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